Plan Bee

Plan Bee was founded by former advertiser and video producer, Warren Bader. He developed an innovative model to bring bee conservation into the engagement strategies of environmentally conscious companies and into the lives of communities and individuals.

The innovative and award-winning Plan Bee is a sustainability company dedicated to communicating and halting the decline in honey bee numbers.  They partner with leading brands, businesses and individuals to promote their values through the active support of honey bees. They offer packages of beekeeping services, community engagement and education, together with brand visibility and an environmental platform for our clients and sponsors.

Plan Bee has a simple philosophy: Planet, People, Profit. They work constructively with clients and partners to make a positive difference. They focus on people – clients, their employees and stakeholders; schools and communities – to deliver our messages through educational programmes, presentations, beekeeping experiences and practical activities. Like any business they aim to create profit for themselves and their clients, invested in expanding their reach and achieving their goals. We are strong supporters of the concept of the Circular Economy and take their inspiration from industrious honey bees.

The riches of the beehive are also used to make their own innovative artisanal products, available under the Origin Honey or Beehive Brae labels. Their source-to-shelf approach is dedicated to craftsmanship, British provenance and environmental sustainability. Each jar or bottle supports their movement to protect and preserve honey bee populations.

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