Norfolk Quail

Norfolk Quail was started by John & Ellie Savory with one goal in mind: to produce the highest quality quail on the UK market whilst maintaining an unrivalled emphasis on bird welfare.

Already highly regarded by some of the top chefs in the region they have recently expanded their operation to supply an international market. With the help of a Rural Economy Grant from the RDPE their recently built FSA approved processing plant is a first of its kind, specialising in quail meat processing on their farm in Norfolk. All their birds are bred and reared on their farm to the highest of welfare standards, producing a bird that is of excellent quality.


Their birds are farmed to the highest welfare standards, meaning all their quail are “free to fly” in bespoke, specially designed housing. Both cockerels and hens are used for meat and eggs so there is no wastage. All feed is sourced locally and Norfolk Quail endeavors to operate in an environmentally friendly fashion with great consideration given to conservation, wildlife and sustainability.


Matured slowly and fed on a specially formulated game ration, the birds grow at a natural pace and and are not forced, resulting in a bird that is slightly larger (average weight per brace 500g) and fuller in flavour than the cage reared bird traditionally imported from France.


Their quail meat is processed following the traditional French method. The birds are dry plucked, waxed and finished all by hand. They are also not bled, just as “game” should be.


As proud producers of organic eggs to Waitrose for 17 years and supplying some of the best London restaurants with whole birds, Norfolk Quail understands the demand for high quality and consistency.