Minus 8 Vinegar & Verjus

Minus 8 is a family-owned vineyard in Niagara, Canada, where the hot summers and cold winters allow them to craft exceptional vinegars and verjus from their grapes. Their first and flagship vinegar, Minus 8, was named after the temperature at which the grapes were harvested.

How To Taste Minus 8

Many tasters find difficulty in tasting vinegar. This is due to the fact that by their very nature vinegars have acetic acid as a component. Acetic acid is classified as a volatile acid. This means that it is an acid that you can both smell and taste. The truth is that even a little bit of this compound can overwhelm most other aromas and flavours.

For a good idea of what acetic acid is like – think about the smell of commercial white vinegar. About the only thing you will smell in this type of vinegar is acetic acid and not much else. Better vinegars will add further layers of aroma, flavour and concentration – and most importantly complexity and balance.

For the novice taster, the acetic acid in the vinegar can overwhelm their ability to taste and fully appreciate the nuances of fine vinegars. In other words, it gets in the way of tasting the additional aromas and flavours that make the vinegar distinctive and complex. But like all things worthwhile, a little effort and practice will pay dividends in the end.

Similar to tasting wine or beer, we all have to start at the beginning. The first time you tasted wine, it probably tasted like – well you know – it tasted like wine. But over time you persevered and probably developed a palate. You also likely developed your own wine tasting vocabulary that you could use to describe what you experienced in the glass. With some effort you will eventually be able to do the same with fine vinegars. Or at the very least, you will be able to discern a less worthy vinegar (think plain white vinegar) from a finer product like Minus 8.


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