John Stone Beef

We’re very happy to partner with John Stone, suppliers of the finest grass fed, dry-aged beef. Produced in Ireland, John Stone’s cattle are grass fed before being hand-selected by experienced butchers and dry-aged the traditional way. Their methods create beef with exceptional tenderness along with a wonderful texture and depth of flavour.

Ireland’s natural rainfall and mild climate help to create a green landscape and rich fertile land perfect for beef production. To produce their very best, healthy beef, all John Stone cattle are 100% free from growth or appetite promoting hormones.

Only carcasses of optimum weight, even marbling and fat covering are hand-selected for the best possible quality and taste. Each cut is matured using traditional dry-ageing. Three decades of experience have taught the master butchers that this technique produces the best results. This process has earned John Stone the reputation as the brand standard in dry aged beef.

We’re excited to be able to offer this exceptional beef to our customers. We’ll be keeping you updated with more details over the coming weeks but if you’d like more information please get in touch!