Duchess Oil


From soil to oil, Duchess Oil was established in 2012 by 6th generation farmer Oscar Harding. Rapeseed is grown, harvested, pressed and bottled at the family farm in Sawbridgeworth on the border of Hertfordshire & Essex. With full control of production, Oscar and the team know exactly what goes into each bottle of their golden, extra virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

This versatile oil with a delicate nutty, flavour was first brought to our attention after being introduced to us by the team at Dan Barbers pop up wastED in London.

Ahead of the event, Dan Barber got in touch with Oscar to ask for some waste unfiltered oil, which is left in the pipes between batches of oil pressing. Having not considered this excess oil before, Oscar bottled it up and took it Selfridge’s. The flavour profile of the raw, unfiltered oil was a big hit with the Blue Hill team and all the guest chefs that were helping with the project. This exposure has led to Duchess Oil being used by some of the best chefs in the country and we’re delighted to exclusively offer this amazing oil to our customers.

Duchess is a great flavoursome oil useful for multiple dishes in the kitchen. Its quality makes it stand out in the world of rapeseed oil. Duchess Farm has a passionate team who grow, harvest, press and bottle the oil on their family farm in Hertfordshire.

Their cold-pressed method of extracting oil produces roughly 40% oil. The other 60% of husk and organic matter is used as animal feed meaning this process creates zero food waste.

They are also committed to minimising disruption of the natural habitat and nurturing biodiversity. As part of their long term sustainability plan, they have teamed up with Friends of the Earth to help eradicate the use of harmful pesticides known as neonicotinoids (sometimes called neonics). These pesticides have a devastating effect on bee communities which are vital for a healthy and prosperous crop. In addition to this, they have recently planted a border of a pollen nectar mix around a 10 acre field to promote bee activity.

Duchess Oil is a shining example of great British produce at its best.