Château de Panisse

In our quest to find the finest oils available, we’re very proud to introduce Château de Panisse, a truly outstanding “AOC de Provence” olive oil which has been produced since 2007. Located in Provence in the south of France, the olive oil land “par excellence”, the 37 acres of growing land surrounding a 15th century estate are perfect for Château de Panisse to produce their 3 excellent olive oils: Fruité Vert, Fruité Noir and Picholine. We can’t wait for you to try them!

Fresh olives are picked, cold pressed and turned into extra virgin oil daily, within 24 hours. The olives are harvested manually early in the season from the 5000 trees on their grove. There are 5 local varieties of Provence trees: Anglandeau, Verdale, Bouteillan, Salonenque and the well-known Italian variety, Pendolino.

Château de Panisse produces premium olive oils of outstanding taste which also score an exceptional low level of acidity, with 27% free acidity for the Fruité Vert. Put together with a high level of polyphenols, Château de Panisse olive oils are truly unique.

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