Baume des Anges

Baume des Anges plant extracts offer a fantastic way of adding flavour to your dishes.

Only plants with the finest aromatic essence are selected. The unique extraction process uses only dry steam to avoid three degradations suffered by plants transformed into essential oils: thermolysis, hydrolysis and oxidation. It takes a lot of plants to produce a few drops of essence – up to 1.4 kg of basil for a 15 ml bottle!

This concentrated essence creates a clean, fresh and highly aromatic extract. Only one or two drops are needed to impart a bold, pure and powerful flavour. Whether you’re looking for a spotless flavour in a sorbet, a stirring aroma in dry ice or an injection of taste in compressed veg, Baume des Anges can give you a flavour that is “better than fresh”.

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Garden Herbs

English Peppermint – Spearmint Nanah – Genovese Basil
Lemon Basil – Queen of Siam Basil – Tarragon
Dill Flowers – Flat Parsley Flowers – Flat Parsley Leaves
Cilantro – Mexican Marygold – Fennel Flowers
Shiso “Green Kaori” – Chervil 

Flowers & Trees

Lavender Carla – Lavendin d’Alba – Cypress
Palmarosa – Patchouli – Lemon Verbena Exotic
Tansy – Geranium Bourbon
Sweet Marjoram – Hop 


Rosemary Provence – Garden Sage Lamy’s -Garden Sage Les Roches
Thyme Les Roches – Lemon Thyme – Red Thyme
Bay Laurel – Oregano – Clary Sage
Hyssop – Winter Savory


Coriander Seeds – Dill Seeds – Rose Pepper
Anise – Caraway – Cumin
Fennel Seeds – Juniper – Cinnamon
Peppercorn Voatsiperifers

Vegetables & Citrus Fruits

Carrot – Celery – Citron Petitgrain
Kaffi r Lime – Bergamot orange zest
Bergamot Petitgrain – Lime Petitgrain

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